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Maiellaro Tom Maiellaro, President

Day Job: Key marketing representative for Associated Credit Union that drives the strategic direction of the Associated Credit Union brand, tone, and message to our members and our employees

Why I Love Credit Unions: Credit Unions are the under-dog in the financial world. They are the friend that everyone needs. They are here to help... to succeed... to prosper on their members' behalf.

Professional Mantra: Make the greater good even greater.

Stephanie Graves, Member at Large

Day Job: Assistant Vice President of Marketing at Coosa Valley Credit Union

Why I Love Credit Unions: A Credit Union is a place where we can help people right in our community in a myriad of ways. We are in a position to make life better for people. Through affordable financial products, critical financial education, and meaningful community partnerships, we make a difference in lives every day. 

Professional Mantra: Be a team player, and a go-to resource for helping solve problems.

Andy Anderson, Member at Large

Day Job: Marketing Service Manager, CDC Federal Credit Union

Why I Love Credit Unions: I love credit unions because they have an opportunity to make a real difference in people's lives.  Life is much easier to navigate and enjoy when you're not stressed about finances.

Professional Mantra:

Alicia BarberAlicia J. Barber, Member at Large

Day Job: Product Marketing Manager, Delta Community Credit Union


BoringAmanda Boring, Member at Large

Day Job: Marketing/HR Executive, Pinnacle Credit Union


Kristi Arrington, Nonvoting Member

Day Job: Vice President, Information Development, Georgia Credit Union Affiliates

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