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GCUA Free Event
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GCUMC meeting sponsorship opportunities are available. Click here to learn how your business can maximize advertising exposure to hundreds of GA credit union marketers.

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Is your credit union the REAL Deal? The REAL Deal Outreach Campaign is a framework of four areas where credit unions help people to have the knowledge to make good financial decisions and provide them with tangible programs that really help! The four areas of focus are REAL Sources, REAL Programs, REAL Community Help, and REAL Partnerships. By participating in at least three of the four areas of focus, credit unions are more than credit unions, they are REAL Deal Credit Unions! To learn more and find out how to become the REAL Deal, click here.

Profile a CU Professional

Know of a CU marketing/business development professional who deserves to be featured in an upcoming issue of the GCUMC e-newsletter? Email their bio and photo and they could be the shining star of the next newsletter.